Technical presentation


The unique tablet

ProBion®daily is a unique tablet with a sustained quality and prolonged shelf life, superior to most other probiotics. The tablet has a controlled release and dissolution profile, where the bacteria are exposed continuously further down in the small and large intestine and protected by the tablet’s ingenious structure.. This prolongs the probiotic effect. PATENT.


The definition of probiotics is wholesome and viable lactic acid producing bacteria. This means that the product must have more than 50 % viable bacteria.


Unique quality standards

ProBion®daily is manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) and Flow Cytometric analyses by independent laboratories. Normally there are about 80 % viable and non-damaged bacteria with a guarantee of more than 50 % viable bacteria.



Xanthan is a mucus forming substance that forms a protective cover around the bacteria during their passage towards the intestine preventing the damaging effects of bile- and gastric acids.

Xanthan is produced by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates.


Inulin consists of natural fructo-oligosaccharides and -polysaccharides derived from the root Cichorium intybus. Carbohydrates like inulin stimulate the growth of probiotic bacteria and are considered to have positive effects on human health. Substances that stimulate the growth of probiotic bacteria are referred to as prebiotics.


The combination of probiotics and prebiotics gives optimal effect = synbiotics


Deposition effect gives Prolonged Probiotic Performance.

The disintegration time is 120 minutes with an additional deposition effect that prolongs and reinforces the performance of the bacteria. Tablets present the bacteria with optimal vitality over a time period lasting 10 times longer and over a larger intestinal area compared to capsules. Capsules dissolve in 10-20 minutes, which renders the small amount of vital bacteria remaining in them even less effective.


Wasa Medicals represents quality and innovation with patented production technique valid in many countries in the world. Individually adapted products with more than 25 years clinical experience amongst therapists and satisfied and contented clients.


ProBion® is free from milk, soya and other GMO produced raw material. The tablet consists of only natural ingredients.